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We are thoroughly convinced that our success is also yours; and as such, our partners deserve exclusive advantages!

The type of company solely based on indirect distribution is VMK’s specificity. Its simplicity and efficiency make it possible for partners to devote themselves solely to both the satisfaction of their clients and the development of sustainable partnerships.

The motion line of VMK is to extend the availability area for its products all over Africa. For that perspective, we are in search of partners that share our noble ambitions and put a lot of time and effort into the matter in order to achieve those aforementioned objectives.

Type of VMK partner


Resellers are allowed to have a free reseller hotline (on Internet only), an advantageous and progressive customer loyalty discount on public prices, along with a reference number in our list of resellers ( provided that you have made at least one order these last 3 months).

Here, the only engagement required is to promote VMK’s products range, to market them wherever they are sold, and offer assistance to your clients ;

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VMK selects distributors, based upon their capacity of insuring apprenticeship, commercialization, sales, integration and customer counseling for VMK’s products range.

To take advantage of unbelievable opportunities given on the current market, VMK has developed a high-level reseller programme to provide price reduction, sales tools, marketing documentation, and a think-tank in order to assist our distributors in their sales and marketing operations.

To become a Distributor, the main criteria are to promote our products and to have a technical team which is able to develop after-sale service – SAV, and VMK will, in return, guarantee in-house training of such a team by allowing it to access its basic know-how.

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Mobile Operator:

Operators benefit not only from our advantageous reseller program, but also from the fact that we help them market and sale our products, along with a permanent assistance for their clients in terms of counseling and help.

We provide operators with branded products and personalized ones (for telephones and tablets, what is at stake is to set up animations when our terminals are on or off, to integrate their wallpapers, videos, MP3 and applications in them). They are also offered the possibility to have sim-locked products.

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