Why developing for Way-C?

There are several products designed under the Android platform (telephones, tablets, etc.), but none of them has ever been specifically designed for the African market hitherto. Hence the high price paid by African users for terminals whose contents have nothing to do with their on-site realities; for despite some undeniable applications (social networks and others), applications that meet African expectations are seldom.

Designed initially for Africa, Way-C is the market’s first tactile tablet which takes into account the specificities of such market, especially in terms of both accessibility and quality-price ratio. It therefore goes without saying that developing applications for Way-C is a decisive step forward to develop for Africa.

In such a context of lack of local contents, we strongly believe that your applications will be successful, as they will meet the needs of such a market!


Do we need to download a specific SDK?

To make the use of Way-C easy, we have decided to develop no software over-layer for Android, which means that the task of developers is simple as they will not have to change or alter their code. Download Android SDK is sufficient enough to develop an application for Way-C. So dive in!


Have you ever developed an application for Android?

Submit it ! If it is satisfactory (that is, no bugs and ergonomic) it will then be taken into account in VMK Market, our application market.